Looking for teams

As most of you have seen in my last post, I am starting a PhD. For now, I want to do one experiment with a few teams. Parallel to that, I would like to do quantitative research on a lot of teams.

The experiment

With about 10 companies that want to participate, I would like to do an experiment. The experiment has the goal to both make teams more productive. And to create great work circumstances for team members. I would work closely with both the team and the management to help you get measurements which I will then use in the study. After an initial period of measuring, we would create a specific change and see what happens to the team productivity.

The expectation that I have is that it will increase.

I’ve done this change before and it has given great results. However, I never measured anything in a scientific manner. By measuring closely, I can see the results and quantify them.

My hope is that with this change many teams around the world can be helped.

Quantitative research

I am looking for 1000 or more teams that are willing to share data about their way of work and their productivity with me. The data would be anonymous, so there will not be a way to track down what data came from where.

The idea of this is that I want to see if there is a uniform measure of how efficient a team is working. See if correlations exist between efficiency, happiness, customer satisfaction and work circumstances.

This research could back up some hypotheses I have, or send me in a completely different direction.

I want your help and I want to help you

If you feel like this is just the thing that you and your team are waiting for, then I would like to get in touch with you. I hope that the research and experiments that I am going to do will make the future a better place for us.

You can reach me in the comments or send me an email at feamar@icloud.com.

I hope that many of you are as enthusiastic about this as I am. Let’s make the world a place where people feel energetic when they wake up, work on a product they love, and go home feeling fulfilled.