I’m starting a PhD

I have decided to quit my job at my current customer to pursue my quest: To help create a world where people wake up feeling energetic, love the product that they work on and go home feeling fulfilled.

I am going to do this by doing a PhD with a supervisor from the University of Utrecht. The subject of my research will be Lean IT. An area very closely related to my quest. This is a very exciting time for me, but I feel it is right.

How did I get to this decision?

I have been struggling with myself for quite a while now. Feeling like there was more I could do, but at the same time not achieving it. Trying to make the workplace better for me and my colleagues, yet not seeing the impact I felt was possible.

I tried to make the best of it and achieved some significant results along the way. I found many like-minded people and learned a lot about what makes successful stories different from less successful stories. This led me towards agile and lean IT.

Then I observed that a lot of the companies that I and my colleagues work for practice agile. Yet they don’t seem to get the results agile promises. Because I felt that I had a strong idea about it, I started thinking about doing research. So that I could help organisations get the great results that they want so much.

I think that to achieve these awesome results, the organisations that we work for have to change. They have to start behaving in ways that are very desirable for their employees. Someone needs to do research to show empirically that this is true.

And I’m going to do it.

Want to join me in my quest?

I am on a quest to create teams where people feel energized, love the product they work on and go home feeling fulfilled.

I am looking forward to this great opportunity. I hope to show the world that being a great employer also leads to getting great results. If you feel that you can contribute to my goal and vision, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  1. I did this a long time ago and the one thing I learned was this: “tobt niet, het komt toch anders” which was on the black board of my supervisor when we met for the first time and discussed my neatly worked out plan of action 😉

    Adriaan PhD, MSc, MSc, MBA

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