About me

I envision a world where people wake up feeling energetic,
love the product that they work on and
go home feeling fulfilled

I cannot remember a time in my working life when I was not trying to make things “better”. Better always had a certain direction, but it was hard for me to figure out exactly what it was.

Better sometimes had something to do with making a great product, which would delight my customers. Sometimes it had to do with making the jobs of people around me easier. Trying to help people improve their skills or acquire the freedom that they need to do the thing right.

At first, better had to do mostly with me. Once I started feeling that I was improving, I wanted to help those that I was working closely with. That in turn created a great working environment and led to high success. Then I started being interested in helping even bigger and bigger groups of people experience work as a more pleasurable thing.

This blog helps me keep track of what I have done and what I am doing to continuously improve myself and help the people around me.

I hope that it inspires people to do the same and achieve my vision on ever increasing scale.

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